LEARN, LAUGH & HANG with two divorce attorney girlfriends!


On Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast you will hear other peoples stories, learn from the top experts in every related field and gain insight from top family law litigators, Rebecca Zung and Susan Guthrie.



Rebecca Zung is a Top 1% divorce attorney in the U.S. , bestselling author & media personality. Susan Guthrie was recently named one of the Top Family Law and Mediation Attorneys in the country…


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Whether you’re contemplating divorce or a breakup, in the throes of one now, or still recovering - this podcast is for YOU!



My divorce was several years but this is still so helpful. I never miss an episode. I especially like the episodes that help with clearing the mind and de-stressing.
It’s like hanging out with your best girlfriends - except imagine if your bff’s were the nations top divorce experts. Rebecca & Susan KNOW Divorce and even better - they know the best divorce experts in the country and bring them on the show to share everything you need to know about the divorce journey - in an approachable, heart-centered and uplifting way. Love this show!
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