“Tilting the Scales: How to Gain Leverage in Your Divorce Negotiation” on Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast #132

Rebecca Zung, Esq. and Susan Guthrie, Esq. discuss tips and techniques for gaining leverage in your divorce negotiation so you can come to agreement and get what you want.

How do you get your spouse to agree to what you want in the divorce?  The short answer?  LEVERAGE! 

Negotiation is a skill that not everyone has but Susan and Rebecca have been negotiating settlements for their clients for years as top divorce attorneys and in this episode they share with you their TOP TIPS for gaining leverage so you can get as much of what you want as possible in your divorce.  Learn how to use what you know about your spouse's priorities to the best advantage to negotiate a settlement that gives you the opportunity to come to an agreement where you pick and choose what you want and what you can live without.  The best way to get past the difficult time of divorce is to come to a settlement and end the process so listen to this episode and start working on your negotiation strategy to gain leverage and incentivize your spouse to settle on your terms today!

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