“FRESH START FITNESS: Thrive and Shine after Divorce with Celebrity Trainer Jennifer Giamo” on Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast #125


 Rebecca Zung, Esq. and Susan Guthrie, Esq. speak with celebrity trainer and nutritionist, Jennifer Giamo on Breaking Free:  A Modern Divorce Podcast.


Celebrity trainer to the stars, Jennifer Giamo, knows your pain.  Just a few years ago, her divorce left her finding it hard to just get out of bed.  Even as a fitness and nutrition expert, she couldn't move past the pain.  Her experience led her to create the FRESH START FITNESS Program, in conjunction with Worthy.com, which incorporates yoga, meditation, exercise and nutrition to help people to heal from divorce.  In this episode, Susan and Rebecca talk with Jennifer about the FFF Program and her journey to heal from her divorce including a surfing and yoga retreat, her visits with her Shaman and even a rundown on what a nutritionist to the stars eats for breakfast!  Susan and Rebecca share tips from their own journeys through divorce and difficult times as well as stories from their many years as divorce attorneys.  This episode will give you the hope that you are seeking and will help you get started on your journey to THRIVE and SHINE after divorce!

To find out more about Jennifer and her personal training and nutrition services visit her website www.trainersintransit.com where you can also find the FREE Fresh Start Fitness Program!  The FFF Program can also be accessed through Worthy’s website at www.Worthy.com.

SPECIAL OFFER:  To take advantage of Jennifer’s special offer of 25% OFFthe first THREE MONTHS of her year-long online nutrition program you can email her at jennifer@trainersintransit.com – Be sure to mention that you heard her on the Show!

Rachel’s Overnight Oats, mentioned by Rebecca on this episode, can be purchased on Amazon.

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